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MY DISCO formed between long term collaborators Rohan Rebeiro, Benjamin Andrews, and Liam Andrews in 2003. Soon after the trio performed their first shows in unconventional all-ages venues, MY DISCO released their debut 7″ and began their first Australian tour.
The band soon became renowned for their arduous tour ethic, demonstrated in extensive tours to often hard to reach destinations that included remote areas of Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico.
The release of their debut album, Cancer, in 2006 marked a new level of emphasis on minimalism. More national and international tours were undertaken, including the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. MY DISCO’s second album, Paradise, was recorded in Chicago, Illinois in 2007 with Steve Albini at his studio Electrical Audio. The album is noted as the band’s most refined and
minimalist release, capturing their stentorian live sound. Several songs consist of one note, repetitive single-sentence vocals, long-sustained guitar chords, and drum patterns that, although minimal, still offer dance-like disjointed beats.
2010 saw the release of a new single, Young, a limited edition 12″ released through Mistletone Records and re-issued through Blast First Petite. This was followed by their third and most diverse album, Little Joy, and their first signing to acclaimed NYC label, Temporary Residence Limited.
In 2012, MY DISCO released another limited worldwide 12″, Wrapped Coast, through Temporary Residence Ltd., featuring two extensive tracks, with remixes by London’s Factory Floor, and Birmingham based noise-maker Justin Broadrick. On International Record Store Day in 2013, the band put out a single on acclaimed independent label Sub Pop Records, which featured as the label’s 1000th release.
2014–15 saw the band put the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, Severe, working again with friend and producer Cornel Wilczek at Electric Dreams Studios in South Melbourne. Considered their bleakest work to date, Severe captures the subtleness and high concentration levels of MY DISCO’s renowned minimalist approach to dark and heavy instrumentation. Severe was nominated and shortlisted for the AMP Australian Music Prize.
2016–17 saw the band headline the prestigious Sugar Mountain Music Festival in Melbourne, as well as co-headline a show with The Drones at The Melbourne Town Hall as part of Melbourne Festival. MY DISCO also toured Europe, South East Asia, and Japan, while multiple Australian headline tours followed. In 2018, the band started work on their fifth studio album, working with Boris Wilsdorf in Berlin, Germany, and Cornel Wilczek in Melbourne. Environment was released on Downward Records in 2019, and is considered their most uncompromising album to date. In 2019, MY DISCO extensively toured Australia and Europe to coincide with the release of Environment. They also performed at Berlin’s Atonal Festival, toured with Southern Lord band Big Brave through Europe and the UK, and headlined shows in Russia.
In January 2020, the band embarked on a tour of Australia and released a remix LP on Downwards Records, working alongside label head Regis, as well as contemporaries Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Giant Swan, Oliver Ho and Kerridge. The band’s latest studio album, Alter Schwede, was compiled remotely by the band and mix engineer Boris Wilsdorf at his AndereBaustelle studio in Berlin, and released on Heavy Machinery Records in late 2021 in Australia, as well as in May of 2022 on Downwards / Boomkat.
Alter Schwede continues the band’s recent trajectory of ambient experimentation, utilising elements and sounds from their last album, Environment, as well as continuing their interest in unique percussion, dark FM synthesis and industrial noise.
MY DISCO performed at the Unsound Festival in Adelaide in July 2022, and will embark on a tour of Europe and the United Kingdom in September of 2022.
Nadja is a duo of multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff—active since 2005—and making music which has been described as ambient doom, dreamsludge, or metalgaze, a signature sound
which combines the atmospheric textures of shoegaze and ambient/electronic music with the heaviness, density, and volume of metal, noise, and industrial.
Nadja has released numerous albums on many different underground labels—Alien8 Recordings, Daymare Records, Robotic Empire, Hydrahead Records, Gizeh Records, and Important Records, to name a few—including their own imprint, Broken Spine Productions. The duo has toured extensively around the world—including performances at such festivals as SXSW, FIMAV, Roadburn, Donaufest, Le Guess Who, Incubate, and Unsound—and has shared stages with artists like Earth, OM, Khanate, Neurosis, and Godflesh.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, the duo now resides in Berlin, Germany.
“It’s like lying in bed next to a severely hungover Iggy Pop whilst Streetcleaner blasts out of your upstairs neighbours’ subwoofer…like a much doomier version of early Spacemen 3. Luminous Rot can often feel slippery and hard to pin down (much like making contact with extra-terrestrials, I suppose) but there’s an otherworldly beauty here that unfolds as it gradually washes over you.”
— Kez Whelan, The Quietus…/30007-panopticon-nadja-grave…
“The musical genre of experimental noise is and will continue to be misunderstood by many. Anyone can
make noise and just about anyone can experiment. But not everyone can make noise sound like a dry stone baking under a burning sun all while placing you under quasi-hypnosis. In other words, Nadja uses noise as a means to achieve a very music end. For everyone else, it’s just an end.”
— John Garratt, Pop Matters…
„You don’t so much throw on a Nadja album as dunk your head in one; the smoggy haze of fuzz and scuzz that permeates the Berlin-based doom-gaze duo’s albums is so relentless and all-consuming that, after a while, it starts to feel as comforting and commonplace as oxygen…Nadja’s capacity for heaviness has never been in doubt, but Dagdrøm lets you really feel the weight of it all. And it’s a heft measured not just by volume, but by how long it takes to dissipate, each shock of distortion lingering like the tingles in a sleeping foot being shaken awake.”
— Stuart Berman, Pitchfork
“[S]ome of the most shattering and emotionally exhausting music ever laid down…listening properly to music of such extraordinary intensity brings to their knees those listeners who are still standing upright, turns those who are seated into ritually slaughtered and slouching bogmen, and delivers those already recumbent straight to the Land of Nod.”
— Julian Cope, Head Heritage…/nadja-radiance-of-shadows
“[Nadja] play deep droning Ambient Metal where vague, indistinct sounds evolve or mutate into something altogether more solid, if not monolithic…It is crude but also oddly dreamlike. Baker and Buckareff work with this contradiction, producing a sound that takes brutal, ponderous mono-riffs and turns them into spectral abstractions…Nadja’s alchemical process seamlessly transforms ponderous Metal into abstract grandeur and finally a kind of blissful disintegration.”
— Tom Ridge, The Wire
B3-33 to solowy projekt Bora, gitarzysty zespołów takich jak Lonker See czy Why Bother?. Muzycznie to luźna improwizacja wokół gatunków takich jak ambient, noise czy rock psychodeliczny. Boro przy pomocy gitary, basu, jembe i looperów tworzy niekończące się przestrzenne formy. Boro jako wielki fan My Disco przygotowuje na tą okazję specjalnego seta który zagra w towarzystwie Dagmary Cichockiej.